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As a wireless consulting firm, Ontario Wireless Consulting offers the following services:


Contract Negotiation

On average, a company’s telecom and cellular billing can account for more than 20 per cent of its total IT budget, which makes telecom expense management and cost control a mandate for any company serious about saving money.

After review the customer’s wireless usage, we’ll work out a RPF covering all the details on the usage requirement.  The carriers will reply with their initial proposals based on the RPF. Usually the initial proposal from a carrier only covers the baseline cost, leaving many variables such as roaming cost to default rate, which is usually very hefty.  With the extensive working experience on both sides of the negotiation table, we know lots of the default rates are negotiable and will take care of the details to reach an Agreement in favor of the customers. 

Phone Bill Audit and Reporting

According to Gardner Group, 12% – 20% telecom charges are incorrect, most of them in carriers’ favor. It’s very time consuming to go through hundreds of pages of the phone bill every month, needless to say to catch all the billing errors and claim the credit. This is the lost revenue for the customers by the billing errors. With over 30 years of wireless industry experience, one of our specialties is to hold the carriers accountable on this.

Ontario Wireless Consulting audits the carrier charges, the individual line charges, and whether the carrier is in compliance with the enterprise agreement.  We provide easy-to-read reports with recommendations to save time and reduce costs.  We know that the right software is essential but believe it is only part of the solution that requires hands-on interaction with the carriers. 

Contract Optimization

Wireless carriers change their promotional offers frequently to adapt the change in the market, which provides our customers the opportunities of saving on their phone bill.  However, the carriers won’t update the customers’ package automatically, and for the customers it’s more than a full time job to keep abreast the market change and take advantage of it.  We can help our customers achieve this with our expertise and industrial connection.  

Wireless expense management requires more than just software. With over 30 years of direct wireless industry experience, OWC’s wireless expense management achieves greater cost savings than Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software alone.

Mobile Service Desk


You’ve provided employees with mobile devices to help them be as productive as possible. Using a specialized service desk can let them focus on their work, instead of dealing with carriers, billing, equipment and software issues.

Our service desk can help users with tasks including:


·         Troubleshooting equipment and software

·         Purchasing and upgrading devices and accessories

·         Managing plan features, such as travel options

·         Deployment of new devices and applications


We have 80% of first call resolution. 90% of the call answered within 30 seconds by a live person. Emails responded with 4 hours.  

Mobile Device Management


·         Hardware recycling program eliminates all Telecom devices in a safe and environmentally friendly manner

·         Simplified one stop contact to easily procure, register, and activate devices and services

·         Identify unused lines and minimize their costs

·         Obtain accurate line contractual information

·         Place unused lines currently on contract on temporary suspension

·         Manage pool of spare lines and reinstate them when needed

·         Replace, activate and change SIM cards

·         Determine best phone number exchange for users, and process telephone number changes when required

·         Voice mail activation and pass word reset

·         Reduce early terminations fees by obtaining cancellation allowance from wireless provider

·         Obtain hardware upgrade eligibility and preapproval

·         Obtain Hardware warranty information and facilitate the process of having hardware repaired

·         Arrange hardware replacement through carrier warranty program

·         Ensure hardware rebates are applied and accurate

·         Centralized management of enterprise-wide ordering and requesting of vendor services

·         Upon request provide billing detailed information to end user and management team

·         Obtain accurate hardware pricing information


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