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Ontario Wireless Consulting (OWC) is a progressive, full service wireless communication solution company based in Mississauga, Ontario, that specializes in significantly reducing wireless costs.  OWC is currently saving our clients 20% - 30% and administrative time by identifying and implementing opportunities to optimize wireless services and equipment.

OWC provides our clients with the necessary technology/software and additional human resources to efficiently, effectively, and pro-actively manage their wireless invoices and hardware.  In addition, OWC will, at our client's discretion, serve as a single point of contact (centralized process) to interact with most major carriers on their behalf.

Our clients have realized substantially reduced recurring costs and a defined system to track wireless assets and usage after our complete and ongoing optimization.  OWC will eliminate flawed rate plan optimization and improper carrier billing.  Client's also benefit from a streamlined system for tracking devices, warranty information, and service/repair plans

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